Your Window Experts

Your Window Experts

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Typically there are three ways to research and buy replacement windows.

In Home Sales - Sales guys that are just there because of their sales skills, not based on their construction experience. They were probably selling cars before this.

Box Stores — Answering your questions based on the manufacturer literature, not from experience installing it.

Other Home Improvement Sites — Computer people that don't have the field experience we offer. We have lived/worked in the field for over 20 years and have the actual experience you need to make sure the project goes smooth.

There's another way!

With Your Window Experts and this website, you can take your time. Read as much or little about the product and our company. When you’re ready you can get a quote right here on the website.

We encourage you to explore our website: 

Learn about Soft-Lite Pro replacement windows, the Your Window Experts process, see the gallery of window installations, read our client testimonials, read our frequently asked questions, and contact us when ready


Winter’s Coming Special Offer!


Complete, everything included: $469 per Soft-Lite Pro Window.

Includes: Double-pane, double-strength glass, white vinyl window replacement double-hung with half-screen.

Installed for $469!

Installation includes removal and disposal of existing window and storm window. Repair of non-structural rot. Insulating of weight-pockets (if needed). Sealing exterior with OSI Quad-Max sealer. Insulating between replacement window and existing frame. Removing and re-installing interior stops. Sealing interior stops with stain-grade sealer. No additional charge for pre-1978 houses! Life-time manufacturer warranty and 5-year craftsmanship warranty.


Nationally Recognized quality Product

Every year since 1996 Soft-Lite has been placed on Window and Door’s Top 100 Manufacturers annual list, five-time Crystal Achievement Award, the Ohio Partnership for Excellence Award, Top 100 Companies to Watch, and more.

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Top Quality installation

Your Window Experts has the experience and knowledge to give you the most professional installation possible. You can be confident with our many years experience installing Soft-Lite Pro windows, your installation will be perfect.


Warranties— manufacturer and craftsmanship

All Soft-Lite Pro Windows come with lifetime warranty and AAMA gold-Label Certified assembly — sashes and the main frames are fusion-welded on new-generation robotic equipment ensuring perfectly square and plumb windows in custom sizes.